What if IRCC issued instructions for work permit extensions to the wrong e-mail addresses?

The Canadian government’s immigration service is looking into a privacy breach in which work permit renewal seekers got emails meant for someone else.

The significance of these emails:

Without legal status, foreign nationals cannot work in Canada. In most circumstances, they require a work visa that permits them to work in Canada for a specific period.

The PGWP is a one-time open work permit that permits applicants to work in Canada for any business. These work visa holders have all graduated from a Canadian-recognized learning institution. They frequently seek permanent residency via the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), an immigration program administered by the Express Entry application management system.

Before IRCC suspended CEC drawings in September 2021, PGWP holders who sought immigration were permitted to stay beyond the expiration date of their PGWP by applying for a Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP). PGWP holders working in Canada, on the other hand, would be obliged to resign or request that their employer get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for a new work permit if they did not have the option to apply.

TR2PR candidates who are awaiting a decision on their application cannot apply for a BOWP, but they do have a work permit that allows them to work between the expiration of their work permit and acquiring permanent residency status.

IRCC announced the special measure for PGWP holders in April and provided application guidelines in August. These letters are intended to help work permit holders apply for new status and continue working in Canada. Without an extension, these Canadian employees may be compelled to exit the labor market, which is already constrained by numerous job openings and low unemployment.

Meanwhile, PGWP holders are dealing with the emotional pressure of losing their employment and having to decide whether to leave the country or use their money to stay.

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