USA VISA In 7 DAYS Visa Stamping, Embassy Appointment For H1B, L1B, B1/B2

Finally, there is good news for US travelers who are awaiting visas. 

Well! You no longer have to wait for it.

The strategy was drawn out for you by the US Department.

In recent months, the United States has taken substantial measures to decrease the time it takes to secure a US visa. 

It has recently been recommended that travelers who cannot afford to wait long can now apply for US visas via embassies in other countries. 

As pandemic-related travel restrictions were lifted, every embassy throughout the world experienced a massive surge in visa applications, resulting in much longer visa wait times. 

In certain places, the current wait period for a US visa is about two years. If a tourist chooses to apply for a visa from another country (a small number of them), the waiting period can be as long as one week. 

If we look at India, the waiting period for B1/B2 visas is 596 days from New Delhi, 625 days from Chennai, 638 days from Mumbai, and 589 days from Kolkata. So, according to this information, obtaining a US VISA in 7 DAYS is now achievable

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