USCIS Extends the Initial Registration Period for FY 2025 H-1B Cap.

USCIS has extended the initial registration period for the FY 2025 H-1B ceiling. The initial registration period, which began at noon Eastern on March 6, 2024, and was initially planned to end at noon Eastern on March 22, 2024, will now extend until March 25, 2024. USCIS has extended the registration period to address a temporary system outage that some registrants have experienced. During this time, potential petitioners and their agents, if any, must use a USCIS online account to electronically register each beneficiary for the selection process and pay the registration cost for each beneficiary. USCIS still plans to notify select registrants by March 31, 2024. On February 28, 2024, the USCIS introduced organizational accounts, which enable many people inside a business, as well as their legal representatives, to cooperate on and prepare H-1B registrations, H-1B petitions, and any associated Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service. To participate in the H-1B Electronic Registration Process, you must first create a new organizational account. For more information and resources, please see the Organizational Accounts Frequently Asked Questions page. To assist organizations and legal representatives with the new procedure, we launched our Tech Talks seminars in February 2024. Individuals attending these sessions can ask questions about organizational accounts and the online filing of Form I-129 for H-1B applications. USCIS invites all participants in the H-1B registration and petition filing processes to attend these workshops.

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