Immigration of canada

According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Canada has a backlog of almost 1.8 million immigration applications (IRCC). The agency acknowledges the continued delays and says it is working hard to reduce processing times. According to IRCC, processing delays have occurred because of the current COVID-19 epidemic. However, over two years later, the majority of the department’s in-person offices remain shuttered. Many candidates have told CBC News that they are left in limbo, with no clear method to check on the status of their applications. As of Oct. 27, Canada has a backlog of approximately 1.8 million immigration petitions, according to IRCC statistics, including 548,195 permanent residence applications, including 112,392 refugee applications. 775,741 applications for temporary residency (study permits, work permits, temporary resident visas, and visitor extensions); 468,000 applications for Canadian citizenship.

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