Can International students in Uk apply for skilled worker visas?

Previously, for students to apply for a job, they had to at least have a degree-level qualification. But now this condition has been removed by the home office. Interested students can secure an employer offer and immediately shift from the student route to a Skilled work visa, without needing to complete the degree.

What is Uk work visa?
Uk skilled work visa is a long-term visa that is granted for a period of up to five years. It allows employees to recruit non-UK resident workers for certain eligible, skilled roles. Under this route, it is possible to extend your visa before it expires and after a qualifying period of five years, apply for indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship later.

Points to be noted

  • You must be already in the UK on a different type of visa
    -you must speak write and understand English
  • You’ll need to be paid at least 25600 pounds per year or 10.10 pounds per hour. (There are different salary rules for different sectors)
    -Visa is valid till you remain working with the sponsor

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