No Visa Processings & Backlogs in 2023 to the USA

This remains one of the Biden Administration’s most difficult tasks. The Biden-Harris Administration has announced additional enforcement actions to strengthen border security. This includes a five-year prohibition from entering the US.

While the courts have delayed the removal of the Title 42 public health order for the time being, the Biden-Harris Administration announced additional enforcement actions today to strengthen border security and minimize the number of people crossing illegally between ports of entry. These reforms will broaden and accelerate legal channels for orderly migration while imposing greater penalties on individuals who do not follow those legal pathways

The administration is also pledging more funding for the border and the area, increased anti-smuggling activities, and increased coordination and assistance for border cities and non-governmental groups. Importantly, the initiatives outlined today are being carried out in close collaboration with Mexico and countries around the Western Hemisphere.

While these initiatives will assist address some of the most pressing issues at the border, they will not cure all of the issues in an immigration system that has been dysfunctional for far too long. That can only happen if Republicans in Congress who have spent the last two years talking about border security stop opposing the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures proposed by President Biden on his first day in office and stop opposing the billions of dollars in additional funds requested by the President for border security and management.

This information, however, is revealed by immigration authorities and has not yet been publicly updated on the official websites.

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