USA Immigration Reform 2023

Massive Fee Hikes For US Immigration | Visa Fees, Green Card Fees

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The Biden administration is planning a new push on immigration reform in the new year, searching for methods to give a road to citizenship; nevertheless, the government has suggested a significant increase in immigration costs, including the much-coveted visas for highly talented foreign workers.

The Biden administration has proposed a huge rise in immigration prices, notably for the highly wanted H-1B visas for highly educated foreign workers, which are popular among Indian software professionals. Under the proposed regulation, issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on Wednesday, the application for the 

H-1B visa increases from $460 to $780, and L-1 from $460 to $1,385. The fee for O-1 visa applications has been suggested to be raised from $460 to $1,055.

However, immigration authorities have divulged this information, which has not yet been publicly updated on the official websites.

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