The Biggest Update on the Canada visitor visas:
IRCC is going to eliminate Section 179 from Canadian immigration.

What is Section 179?

Section 179 of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations permits the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to give a permanent resident visa or permanent resident status to a foreign individual who is otherwise ineligible to Canada.
Section 179 specifically applies to people who are inadmissible for the following reasons:
Violations of human or international rights
Severe criminal activity
For a foreign national to be considered for an exemption under Section 179, they must provide compelling reasons for why they should be granted a permanent resident visa or status despite their inadmissibility. This may include humanitarian or compassionate grounds or considerations of public interest.

What’s the role of Section 179?
It is essential to keep in mind that Section 179 does not guarantee permanent status, and each application is evaluated on an individual basis.
The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has the final say on whether or not to grant an exemption under Section 179.

What are the most recent Section 179 updates?

According to the most recent changes, the Immigration Board of Canada has chosen to remove Section 179 from its records entirely.
If this occurs, there will be several opportunities to obtain your Visiting Visa.
As previously stated, a large number of Visiting Visas will be issued.
If you want to apply for a Visiting Visa, simply wait for the formal confirmation of this Section 179 from Canada’s Immigration Panel.

Many individuals believe that eliminating Section 179 from the Immigration Act will have a significant impact on the quality of Canadian immigration, and immigration experts and the Law Department agree.
But, it is up to the Canadian government to decide on this, so let us await official confirmation.

This information, however, is revealed by immigration authorities and has not yet been publicly updated on the official websites.

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