Here’s how the United States intends to create 1 lakh H-1B visa slots for Indians.

According to the source, approximately 1.11 and 1.22 million visas are projected to be granted to Indians by next summer.

By the summer of 2023, there will be around 1.2 million applicants seeking a US visa, and the timeframe will have been reduced considerably. According to a senior source at the US embassy in India, giving visas to Indian residents is the embassy’s top priority. The Obama administration has set a target of restoring pre-COVID-19 circumstances by mid-2023.
Thus every month, around 100,000 visas are issued. In the last year, the United States has issued over 82,000 visas. After coronavirus-related travel restrictions were lifted, India was one of the few nations where visa applications to the United States increased considerably. According to the source, between 1.11 and 1.22 million visas are projected to be awarded to Indians by next summer.
According to the official, the US is implementing several initiatives in response to the long wait periods for visa processing, including hiring more employees and expanding the “Dropbox” facilities. Waiting time has fallen from an average of 450 days to around nine months in several categories.

India is on track to overtake Japan as the country with the most visas issued by the US. Reduced wait times for student visas, particularly renewals, were a high priority, according to the source, and India was currently third in line behind Mexico and China.
Previously, the US prioritized Indians seeking H1B and L visas, and there are now approximately one million slots accessible to them. Furthermore, the B1 and B2 (business and tourist) visa processing times will be cut from the current average of nine months, according to the official.

When renewing a US visa, applicants can use the drop box service to avoid having to schedule an interview. Anyone seeking a US visa within the preceding four years may use a drop-box service.

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