A mass petition has been established in opposition to the prohibition on converting a UK student visa to a work visa.

The United Kingdom is tightening down on the abuse of student visas provided to foreign nationals on its territory. A major petition has already been established against the new rule, which went into effect on July 17, and dashed the aspirations of a huge number of international students, especially those from India, who planned to get a work visa while studying

The petition now has 11,351 signatures, and the deadline to sign is January 20, 2024. If the number of signatures reaches 100,000, the topic will be brought before the UK Parliament for debate, and the onerous requirements will most likely be lifted in favor of students from other nations. 

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The petition’s major demand is that students presently enrolled at UK colleges be exempted from the new rule.

The petition also asks the UK government to limit the law’s application to students beginning courses in January of the following year. According to the petition, when the present students arrived in the UK from other countries, the legislation at the time permitted them to convert their student visa to a work visa.

According to the petition, the new law also breaches natural justice. The legislation should not be enacted retroactively, according to the petition.

Those on student visas would be required to return to their home countries after completing their study in the UK under the new rule. 

After a stream of events involving the conversion of student visas to work visas were recorded, the British Parliament implemented the strict regulation, resulting in a sharp increase in immigration.

In addition, the UK government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, had committed to reducing immigration to the nation by passing rigorous regulations, and the student visa bill was implemented as part of those efforts.

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