The US Visa Bulletin for April 2024 includes significant increases in dates for Indian Green Card applicants

The April 2024 Visa Bulletin reveals a considerable increase in Final Action Dates and Filing Dates for Indian applicants under various Green Card Categories. The bulletin includes critical information about EB changes, application processing, and green card wait times. It also emphasizes the various employment-related preferences and eligibility requirements.

US Green Card applications: The April 2024 Visa Bulletin shows considerable advancements in Final Action Dates and Filing Dates for Indian candidates under several Green Card categories. The F2A visa, a Family Green Card designed for spouses and unmarried children of US permanent residents/Green card holders, now has a Final Action Date of September 2020, rather than June 2020. The filing date for the F4 family-based green card has been moved up from February to April 2006. The visa permits lawful permanent residency to select family members of US citizens, including their siblings. It also applies to the siblings’ wives and unmarried children under the age of twenty-one. The final action dates for four employment-based green cards, as well as the filing dates, have been moved up. The US State Department also anticipates little to no priority date shift in employment-based categories for the duration of Fiscal Year 2024, which concludes on September 30, 2024. 

The Visa Bulletin informs Green Card applicants about two crucial topics: 1) how long it normally takes to modify immigration status, and 2) when someone from their country may be eligible for a green card based on when they applied. The Visa Bulletin serves as a road map for the green card journey. 

There are two sections to help you navigate the process:

Dates for filing: This chart shows the earliest date you can apply for adjustment of status or an immigrant visa. It’s like a “Go ahead and file” sign based on your visa type and country. 

Final action dates: This chart estimates the time it will take for your application to be approved and granted permanent status. Consider it a queue organized by visa category and country of origin.

There is a catch with employment-based green card (EB) changes. To file in April 2024, your application must be submitted before a date specified in the bulletin for your category and country. This effectively determines if you are eligible to file yet. The final action dates are critical since they define when your application will be handled. These dates vary based on your visa type and where you are from, and they ultimately determine how long you may have to wait for your green card.

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