The United States will enable users of Tourism and Business Visas to apply for employment.

Under the new regulation, laid-off foreigners with H1-B visas can change their status to B1/B2 (business/tourist) permits and continue to search for work within the initial 60-day term. (This is a picture of a 2014 US tourist passport. Alvaro Molinas photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Tourist and business visa users will be able to apply for employment in the United States:
In a significant departure from its long-standing policy of not permitting internationals on B1/B2 visas to seek or pursue work, the United States will now allow B1/B2 visa holders to register for jobs and attend interviews.
The B1 and B2 visas are non-immigrant, temporary permits that enable holders to travel to the United States for either work or leisure. The B1 visa is for work travel, whereas the B2 visa is for tourism, such as vacations or family visits.
It is essential to note that if the request for a change of status is denied, the person must depart the United States and be admitted to an employment-authorized classification before starting the new job.

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