How the United States’ decision to allow H-1B visas to be renewed in-country will help India turn a new leaf.

The SEPC demonstrated how Indian exports will gain substantially if the US decides to implement an in-country renewable H-1B visa.

The US plan announced on Wednesday to provide in-country renewable H-1B visas will facilitate the migration of Indian IT specialists and increase service exports, according to SEPC.

According to the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), the decision would facilitate on-site customer interaction by local IT specialists.

“By quickly traveling to client locations abroad, Indian IT professionals can better understand client requirements, build stronger relationships, and deliver tailored solutions.” This direct participation has the potential to boost client satisfaction, repeat business, and, eventually, IT exports,” stated SEPC Chairman Sunil H. Talati.

He stated that because the United States is India’s largest market for IT exports, this move will have a substantial beneficial influence on the export of IT services from India.

“Earlier estimates for IT export growth were in the range of 8–12 percent, but with this particular push, IT export growth could reach 13–15 percent,” Talati added.

The US Department of State announced that it would launch a pilot program later this year to adjudicate domestic renewals of certain petition-based temporary work visas, including for Indian nationals, to expand the program to include other eligible categories and an expanded pool of H1B and L visa holders in 2024.

“It will aid in project delivery on time, ensuring high-quality outcomes, and meeting client expectations.” It strengthens India’s reputation as a dependable source of IT services, increasing export potential,” Talati added. 

The highly sought-after H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits US businesses to hire foreign employees in specialist areas requiring theoretical or technical ability.

Every year, technology businesses rely on it to hire tens of thousands of workers from nations such as India and China. H-1B visas are only valid for three years.

All H-1B visa holders must have their passports marked with renewal dates when their visas are renewed.

This is essential if they want to go outside of the United States and then return. H-1B visa restamping is currently not permitted within the United States. Restamping is only possible at any US consulate.

This was a major nuisance for both foreign guest workers and their staff, especially because the visa wait time is more than 800 days or more than two years

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