Here’s an expert’s opinion on how the new UK immigration policy would affect Indians.

Because of the labor shortage, High- and Medium-Skilled Indian Employees still have a decent chance of obtaining a valid work visa.

Rishi Sunak is finding it difficult to deal with the immigration issue in the United Kingdom. 

On the one hand, recent figures indicate that Net migration in the nation increased to an estimated record of 504,000 in the year to June, while employers are asking for additional visas for foreign workers due to the country’s acute labor crisis. As more information becomes available, it will be fascinating to observe how the visa issue develops and how it may affect international students and those on work visas.

How would this affect the immigrants on work visas?

Despite some of the government’s Anti-Immigrant messages, there is still an urgent need for workers in the UK, and for the time being, the only choice for many firms is to recruit staff from elsewhere.

As a result, High and Medium skilled workers from India considering relocating to the United Kingdom will still have a good chance of obtaining a valid Work visa, according to Yash Dubal, Visa Expert and Director, A Y & J Solicitors, United Kingdom, a London-based immigration consultancy and Solicitors.

In reality, approximately 103,000 Indian citizens got Work visas (including skilled and seasonal workers) in 2022, a 148% increase over the previous year.

 Indian nationals continue to be the top nationality granted Skilled Worker visas, accounting for 46% of all skilled work visas granted globally. 

Why is the Sunak government focusing on international students?

Now that work visas are less likely to be restricted, the only option left is to limit foreign students from entering the country.

“It’s possible that laws could alter next year to limit UK student visas and, more likely, student dependants visas,” Dubal added.

Dubai explained the rapid inflow of immigrants in the nation by pointing out that several dependents came to the UK on student visas with spouses and parents. This is exactly what Sunak intends to do.
Why is there such a rush to decrease Migration in the country?

According to newly disclosed data from the British Office for National Statistics (ONS), Net Migration in the UK increased to 504,000 in the year to June 2022. The increase is greater than pre-Brexit levels. The majority of visitors came from Non-EU nations.

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