Major relief for Canadian work permit applicants as the IRCC agrees to automate processing.

The decision comes as Canada faces significant backlogs in processing PGWP and work permit renewals.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to automate the processing of post-graduation work permits (PGWPs) and work permit extensions, which will be a huge relief for applicants. The decision comes as Canada faces significant backlogs in processing PGWP and work permit renewals.

According to IRCC, the tools are frequently examined to ensure that they perform as intended and that the findings are consistent with applications that get complete human evaluation. The immigration authorities stressed that only an IRCC official has the right to deny an application; automated tools do not refuse or recommend that applications be refused.

Why use automated PGWP processing tools?

According to IRCC, the tools handle the majority of the bureaucratic and repetitious chores associated with sorting applications, allowing officers to focus on analyzing applications and making final judgments. The tools sort applications using rules created by IRCC officers based on the program’s legal and regulatory requirements. Following the implementation of automation, files will be sent to the appropriate officers for further processing, depending on office capacities and officer competence.

Furthermore, the tools’ eligibility function recognizes routine applications for quicker processing, which speeds up our job. 

When analyzing an application, the tools identify whether it is a normal case and can determine whether an applicant is qualified for a work permit extension or PGWP using IRCC officials’ predefined criteria. The case is subsequently forwarded to an officer who will decide if the applicant is still allowed to Canada and make the final decision.

Applications that do not have their eligibility automatically granted may still be manually authorized after being reviewed by an officer, according to the IRCC.

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