In October and December, there was an 86% decrease in the number of Indian study permits issued in Canada.

The number of study permits awarded to Indian students pursuing education in Canada dropped dramatically in the October-December 2023 quarter, to 14,910. This is an 86% decline from the 1.1L permits awarded in the same months in 2022 when Canada was the most popular study-abroad destination for Indian students. The Canadian immigration minister said that there is little chance for these numbers to rise fast.In the Oct.-Dec. 2023 quarter, the number of Indian students requesting study permits in Canada fell to 14,910, an 86% decrease from the 1.1 shortages experienced during the same months in 2022, when Canada ranked as the most popular study abroad destination for Indian students. In an interview, Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller released the facts and said that it was unlikely that the numbers will rise very soon. According to a Reuters report, he blamed the huge drop on Canadian officials processing permits being ejected from India and fewer Indian students enrolling as a consequence of a diplomatic disagreement over the murder of a terrorist from Canada’s Khalistani region. Ottawa hiked the cost-of-living requirement in December, forcing international students to have more money in their bank accounts. These factors resulted in an 86% decrease in study permits issued to Indians in the fourth quarter of last year compared to the same period the previous year, from 108,940 to 14,910, according to official data that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which keeps track of issued visas, has yet to release and has not previously reported. However, Indian pundits expected that more Indian students would go to Canada in 2023 than the previous year since diplomatic complications began after the September admittance deadline had passed. Canada is experiencing “issues with the scarcity of residential facilities.” According to a Canadian education expert, India will remain the top destination for Indian students in 2023.

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