Experts say a second H1B visa lottery could happen but is not impossible.

The H1B visa lottery is a yearly process that determines which foreign employees will be granted work permits in the United States. 

According to immigration expert Rajiv Khanna, a second round of the H1B visa lottery this year is unlikely but not impossible.

The H1B visa is a highly sought-after visa for professionals seeking to work in the United States, and the lottery system can be unpredictable. The lottery for 2023 is over, but don’t give up hope just yet. There were two extra lotteries following the first round one year, so there is reason to believe that there will be at least another round of lottery this year as well. 

How is the second round of the lottery chosen? 

The government calculates the number of applications required to fill the visa allotment and normally picks more candidates than the available number of visas to accommodate those who do not file for various reasons. “If the computations, which are only statistical projections, are incorrect and there are leftover visas,” Rajiv S. Khanna, an attorney and information expert with the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC, declared 

Is it possible to do a second round?

A second round of the H1B visa lottery this year is unlikely but not impossible. The IT business has seen layoffs, and some employers are wary about recruiting overseas labor. Because of the uncertainty, there has been a delay in the filing of H1B visa petitions, with some businesses waiting to see how the market unfolds before submitting their applications.

Regardless, the decision to hold a second round of the H1B visa lottery rests with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

 Due to considerable variations in forecasts, there were two supplemental rounds of the lottery done during one fiscal year; therefore, there is precedent for a second round to be held this year as well. Khanna believes In any event, international employees and businesses interested in H1B visas should remain educated and continue to check USCIS updates to avoid missing any critical deadlines or information. The H1B visa lottery is a complex procedure that demands careful attention and planning, and any modifications or revisions should be carefully considered.

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