According to the national statistical office of Canada, 997,000 jobs will be available in Canada in the second quarter of 2022.

According to the most recent Statistics Canada report, “Employers in Canada across all sectors were actively seeking to fill 1 million (997,000) vacant positions in the second quarter, the highest quarterly number on record.” In the second quarter of 2022, jobs in Canada increased by 4.7% (+45,000) over the first quarter.

42.3% (+296,500) from 2021 in the second quarter.

Labor demand in Canada has outpaced employment growth, resulting in record-high job vacancies.

Job vacancies increased in 6 Canadian provinces in 2022 Q2 compared to the first quarter. Ontario (+6.6%), Nova Scotia (+6.0%), British Columbia (+5.6%), Manitoba (+5.2%), Alberta (+4.4%), and Quebec (+2.4%) are the provinces with the highest percentage increases in job vacancies.

With 379,000 job openings, the province of Ontario had the most.

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