The elimination of visit visa backlogs is announced by highlights of Canada by Feb 2023.

According to this information, By the end of 2023, IRCC Canada hopes to finish processing all the Pending Visit Visa applications, The IRCC intends to relax visit visa applicants’ eligibility requirements, which might speed up the processing of over 5,00,000 applicants.
With these 2 potential approaches, Visa wait times may soon decrease. In the first phase, IRCC will process about 1,95,000 applications and reduce the qualifying requirements for an additional 4,50,000 candidates. Canada will re-launch flag polling to renew work and study visas that lead to the Canadian Permanent residency process, If they completed the requirements, foreign nationals might change their work visa permit to a Visit Visa without leaving Canada.

By February 2023, CANADA plans to Eliminate the Backlog of Visitor Visas.
Currently, Canada has a sizable backlog of Visitor Visas that have been waiting for more than a year. The IRCC is preparing to deal with the backlog of requirements, which may assist in the processing of more than 5,00,000 applications for Visit Visas. The IRCC has created two approaches for visit visa applications to reduce the amount of time it takes for foreign nationals to go to Canada. The two methods created by the IRCC to shorten wait times are listed below:

First: process around 1,95,000 applications in bulk.
Second: To relax the eligibility criteria for around 4,50,000 visit visa applicants.
Business visa has been negatively impacted by the Visit Visa delays and wait times, which might have an impact on the Canadian Economy, Canada’s Economy needs international companies and more foreign citizens, and flagpoles will be reined in Canada to recruit more International Professionals.
Consider a situation in which a foreign person is in Canada on a Visit Visa, Has received a job offer from a recognized Canadian firm, and is ready to apply for a Work visa or extend a Student Visa. For this, they don’t need to leave Canada when they satisfy particular requirements; they can seek to stay in Canada.
When a foreign national leaves the USA but returns to Canada, this practice is known as FLAGPOLE. Filing for the renewal of a study, employment, or even a Canada PR produces to aid in obtaining new Temporary resident status.

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