Canada has announced new policies to combat foreign student fraud

Marc Miller, Canada’s immigration minister, has proposed new restrictions to safeguard overseas students from fraud. Post-secondary designated learning institutions will be required to verify each applicant’s letter of acceptance with the immigration department before issuing a study visa beginning December 1, 2023. Canada also intends to set up a system that rewards colleges that have greater criteria for overseas students. These regulations are intended to safeguard real students from fraud while also assisting Canada’s economy.

Following an inquiry this summer into more than 100 incidents involving false acceptance letters, Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced new guidelines aimed at safeguarding overseas students from fraud on Friday.Miller stated that from December 1, 2023, all post secondary designated learning institutions (DLI) would be obliged to authenticate each applicant’s letter of acceptance with the immigration department via a new verification procedure before issuing a study visa.In addition, Canada intends to establish a system that will favor post-secondary learning institutions that have better requirements for services, supports, and results for foreign students in time for the upcoming fall semester. Applicants to such schools will be given priority in the processing of their study permits.Around 700 international students, the most of whom are from Punjab, are facing deportation after being reportedly duped by shady Canadian educational institutions.”International students who have been duped by a shady consultant should not face deportation or inadmissibility because of misrepresentation.” They have put everything they own toward a brighter future. They labor hard, study hard, and work in really harsh situations. They are under immense stress, and their lives are in limbo,” said Jenny Kwan, MP for the New Democratic Party, which is led by Indo-Canadian Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal.A $22 billion industry for CanadaAccording to the immigration department’s statement, Canada is a top option for overseas students.

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