Are you eligible for the Dropbox Appointment?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an H1B Visa

The process for applying for H1B visa stamping via Dropbox or interview waiver is similar to the standard visa renewal process for other types of visas. The documents you submit and your eligibility criteria are the most critical factors.

Step 1: Fill out the online Non-immigrant US Visa Application (DS-160) Form.

Step 2: Establish an account on the CGI Federal Atlas website.

Step 3: Fill up your visa type, personal information, H1B petition data, and dependents’ information.

1. Choose a nonimmigrant visa.

2. Choose your nation and state of residency.

3. Choose the Visa Interview Language, Visa Category, and Visa Class.

4. Insert your information, passport information, contact information, postal address, and petitioner information.

5. Include Dependents and Child Information

Step 4: H1B Dropbox Eligibility Check Wizard 

Step 5: MRV Fee Payment Receipt Number, Document Delivery Location

Step 6: Schedule a Drop-Off Appointment for Documents

Step 7: Print the H1B Appointment Confirmation Letter from Dropbox.

H1B Dropbox Document Checklist

Below is the list of documents that need to be submitted for H1B Dropbox Submission during the appointment :

Dropbox Appointment Confirmation Letter

DS-160 CEAC Confirmation Page

Passport Photo as per US Visa Photo specifications

All Original Passports with a previous US Visa

Your previous US Visa that is valid or expired 

Photocopy of your I-797 Approval Notice

Employment Verification or Confirmation Letter 

H1B LCA Copy

 End client letter. 

If you work as a consultant for a client, carry the client letter.

Additional I-797 approval notices, if you had any in the middle for transfers.

You can check the H1B Visa Stamping Document Checklist.

Except for your passport, never give any original documents. You may not receive the I-797 approval notice if you submit it in its original form. So be cautious

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