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H1B Visa


Personal Details:

  • Copy of Passport (clear scan of all the pages of the passport, including the prior ones, renewed or cancelled.)
  • Certificate of Birth (issued by the government agency of the country of origin or the consulate located within the United States)
  • Passport for the Spouse (clear scan copy of all the pages in the Spouse Passport, including prior ones, renewed or cancelled.)
  • Certificate of Marriage (Clear Scan Copy of Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government)

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Educational Details:

  • SSC (issued by the State Board) Intermediate (issued by the Board of Intermediate Education)
  • Bachelor’s degree (Certificate of Degree or Diploma issued by an Educational Institution or University)
  • A Post-Graduation Certificate (Certificate of Post-Graduation issued by an educational institution or university)

Professional Details

  • Experience Certificates (Experience Certificates from companies that traveled far)
  • Copy of 1-20 (AII the 1-20 issued by the United States-For those who did their degree in the USA)
  • Copy of Prior H1B (if you have any previous H1B Visa)
  • Copy of 1-94 (Mast recent 1-94 with travel history – For the persons inside the USA)