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We The ANAGHA CAREER SOLUTIONS Pride ourselves on being the sovereign business immigration consultants rendering accurate and customized business immigration services to our clients.With growing dynamism in the markets, it becomes paramount for any businessman to travel across the world. ANAGHA CAREER SOLUTIONS improve your business prospects by making you to invest in multiple countries. Keeping in mind this need of business groups, our team has opened doors to allow investments by assisting various applicants for business. immigration abroad

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EB 5 Program

The EB-5 visa system was established by the United States Congress in 1990 to allow foreign investors to acquire a permanent U.S. visa by investing in a firm that would help the United States economy and generate employment.

Venture capital, stimulating the economy, and making a difference in people’s lives is the major motto of the EB5 Program.

With the EB 5 Program, you can: 


1 Obtain Permanent U.S. Residency 

2You can freely live or work anywhere in America.

3Your family members are also eligible for green cards under the EB-5 Visa Program.


INVEST $800,000 IN THE U.S.

An investor must first meet three requirements to be eligible for the EB5 visa program:

1. Make a minimum deposit of USD 800,000.

2. Show that the investment capital is legal and traceable.

3. Pass an initial background check




UK Innovator Visa


A shout out to aspiring entrepreneurs.It is now possible to become a British innovator through simple steps.

Our extensive legal and business services assist you in reaping the many benefits of UK residency and beginning your journey to British citizenship.

Crucial info about the Innovator Visa:

Establish a UK business.

Receive 3 years’ UK residency.

‘£50,000 minimum investment

Receive 3 years’ UK residency.

‘£50,000 minimum investment

Discover your inventiveness.

A unique business idea is essential for a successful innovator or start-up visa application.

There are no restrictions on the types of business that can be conducted. What matters is innovation, viability, and scalability.

Anagha Career Solutions OPC PVT. LTD. is experienced, and our team has a proven track record of raising millions of pounds for new UK businesses through years of experience working in the start-up sector.

A few immigration firms have experience raising funds for young companies with less than £250,000 in revenue to assist British Citizen Entrepreneurs. This skill is now required when proposing a viable business, which is the most important aspect of Innovator and Start-up visa applications when seeking approval.